Atlanta’s Industrial Wild West

    [ Lee + White = Craft Beer Valley ]

    If you haven’t heard yet, consider this your official notice. New West End development, Lee + White, conveniently named for being located at the intersection of Lee St and White St, is projected to become a craft beer destination for the city. Hold your applause – as our childhood book states, “if you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to need some milk”, a principle that holds true; when you give a millennial a craft beer, he’s going to need some food. Lee + White will also be a major food destination! Cresa reports that this is one of the country’s first projects to bring a massive group of breweries and food producers together.

    Deep-diving here, EATER Atlanta further states that tenants across the city are flocking to the development to get in on the action. Golda Kombucha will soon join the ranks of Westside-based Monday Night Brewing, Decatur’s Wild Heaven Beer, Banyan Roots Brewing Co., Buckhead-based ASW Distillery, Southern Aged Cheese, Doux South Pickles, and Honeysuckle Gelato.

    [ BeltLine ]

    Where to start? Oh, yes, the BeltLine Land Use Maps. You’ll want to study these. Remember the East Side explosion of new restaurants, Ponce City Market and restaurants and bars that connect to Piedmont Park and Krogg Street Market? Envision riding your bikes or walking between restaurants on a Sunday Funday on the Eastside BeltLine. It won’t be any different for the Westside BeltLine. Check out those maps, plan a driving trip over there, and be open to a new part of the city – which, by the way, East Atlanta, Cabbagetown, Kirkwood all looked like not too long ago. A few major spots you’ll want to put on your itinerary:

    1. Elaine/ Huff Station (Subarea 8) Near TopGolf
    2. Take a picture on the bridge overlooking Atlanta Skyline from the Westside at the corner of Marietta St NW and Thomas NW
    3. Westside Reservoir Park Site (Subarea 9) Can you believe they started planning this in 2009? Estimated completion date is 2019. It’ll be twice the size of Piedmont Park
    4. Lee + White (1020 White St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310) Stop in at Honeysuckle Gelato while you’re there & follow @foodinstabro for more Atlanta Westside yummies

    [ Keeping Terminus Alive ]

    West Atlanta, in all its glory right now, is becoming what will be the future of our city. Call it the ‘industrial wild west’ if you will. Culinary and brew masters, business and film gurus, and those of us priced out of East Atlanta homes are all setting sites on West Atlanta. As a historic romantic, my hope is that the original charm of Terminus isn’t lost in the flurry, and that our modern Atlanta can gracefully adapt into a major metropolis  without dismissing its humble beginnings as an economic driver for the Southeast.

    [ Home Values ]

    Did someone push the “GO” button? Yet another real estate explosion, and this time it’s on the Westside. Residential Lots and Renovation Opportunities are up for grabs, and it’s nearing that point where first-time investors are just now catching on and it’s about to be a madhouse. Grove Park homes (located just south of the will-be Reservoir Park) have increased their values 67% in the last year alone.

    Currently, two nicely renovated homes sold for $280K and will be worth over $300K in 2018, and the very first case of multiple offers – I’ve ever heard of in Bankhead for a renovated property – occurred at 964 Mayson Turner. The great thing about investments on this part of town is that almost any home can become an income property.If you’re looking into where to invest in Atlanta, the location is here and the time is now. What could you do with an additional $300-$400/ month? Check out available homes for sale in the West side, or give me call at 404-786-7153. I’m always up for a chat on projections and dreaming of the coolest city in the South.


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